Saturday, April 16, 2011

What's blooming: Poppies

In many countries, including the US, crimson red corn poppies are worn to commemorate those who have died in war. Even in classical mythology, poppies symbolize resurrection after death.

I have several varieties of poppies in our Patio Garden, and I must admit it's not for their admirable symbolism, although I like to think of their history as an added bonus. I just love how cheerful they look and how happy they make the bees (see photo below left).

In addition to the spring showing of poppies that re-seed each year, I am thrilled with the native Salvia that has bloomed despite our current drought. They are so showy and love full sun (which is abundant on our property.) With several varieties planted in various gardens and beds, we get a rainbow of colors from early spring through the end of fall.

Our Salvia Greggi 'Raspberry' provides great, long-lasting color in a rustic bed.

Two varieties of Salvia are planted in our Fountain Garden. At the back (blue spikes) is Salvia 'East Friesland.' In front of the fountain (white flower spikes) is Salvia Greggii 'Autumn Sage.'

The Cottage Garden next to my studio is finally showing some signs of life. Last winter's freeze really took its toll on many of the plants, so it's been a game of wait and see what comes up.

Ranunculus (planted from seed) in the foreground, the two surviving Guara are bearing delicate pink flowers and my perennial Delphinium are beginning to fill in nicely around our old statue of St. Francis in our Cottage Garden.