Saturday, April 16, 2011

Keys to the cottage ...

With summer approaching, I am thinking of idyllic days at a waterfront cottage. Be it near a sandy beach or pristine lake, a summer cottage would be a joyful escape from the city. While a rental would be perfectly fine, I think building a little getaway would give me license to create a special place for leisurely pursuits.

Give me a parcel of land with a dense stand of towering trees along water's edge. I'm even liking the barn red paint. Image via Lake Front Classic.

I'll need room to plant and house potted herbs, veggies and flowers for cooking and display. Our guests will want to eat well and be entertained when they come to visit. Photo from Diana's Neighborhood.

An inviting kitchen and casual comfort in the seating area are must-haves.

Photos above from Jamie Salomon (left) and Screaming Meme (right) speak volumes about retreat living.

Bedrooms that take advantage of natural light and have shed all pretense really appeal to me. At left, NSK shows how to dress the room in perfect cottage style with clean lines, white-washed wood furniture, casual linens and bare windows.

Love it! Let's not mention this to my hubby just yet. He's busy with a growing honey-do list already.