Friday, April 8, 2011

Al fresco fantasies ...

Inspired by al fresco dining? Me too. There is a grace that flows over an outdoor dining space that beckons us to linger in good company and conversation.

A table for two whispers an ode to romance on a Paris balcony (above) or cloistered in a private garden like shown at right via The Inside Story.

I believe I hear the dinner bell ringing from heaven! Dining at the table above would send me to a very happy place. May I come for dinner if I promise to be a gracious guest? I will be eternally drawn to a maison in France like the one in this photo via Paris Apartment.

The Inside Story again connects with my al fresco fantasies in these images of  inviting garden tables (above and below.)

Protected from the elements, the table below takes center stage in the four-season covered porch. Photo from Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine.