Friday, April 8, 2011

Enlighten me ...

The delicate nature of fine gauge wire allows manipulation in limitless ways to create true works of art. I'm particularly fond of the subtle curves and curls that wire can bring to handcrafted chandeliers.

With a bit of creative vision, patience, wire, crystals and stringed beads, I think you could duplicate the dainty chandelier above. A French artisan married the fixture's classical silhouette with a bit of whimsy to create a handwrought original available from ABC Home for $7600.

Okay, let's try a 'less is more' approach for our first stab at crafting a chandelier. Here is a relatively simple DIY design (above left) that may be easier to master. Photo via My Slice of Heaven.

Perhaps, we may want to dress up or cover up our creation. The chandelier (above right) from Canopy Designs shows how a twist of unexpected natural material can really grow on you.

Wondering what to do with used baby food jars? Upcycle them into charming candleiers like the one above from Natural Home Magazine.

A candleier that is a marriage of denim and diamonds for wannabe wranglers? Trend Hunter loves the barbed wire and crystal fusion. Sure it looks like a doable DIY project, but I'm skeptical. Do we really want to inject something that looks this painful in our abodes?

Granted, the lighting above may be outside of my crafter comfort zone, but I would be more than happy to accommodate this beauty in my home anytime. Photo by Anna Wolf.