Saturday, March 5, 2011

Zinc sap pots ...

Image via Casual Cottage Chic.
What is it with our passion for zinc pots and planters?

Who would have ever thought that these pots that were used to gather tree resin for furniture and roofing repair (circa 1880s to the 1940s) would be such a haute decor item?

You can expect to pay around $10 each for authentic, 3" to 4" tall antique zinc sap pots from Belgium and France.

Their demand has given rised to an orchestrated cottage industry that is built upon the Euro-urban chic that many designers love.

It seems that every home and garden shop worth its salt has an in-store vignette featuring a zinc pot or two, and I must say that I am drawn to their patina like a magnet, too.

Below, The Paris Market & Brocante in Savannah, Georgia showcases a weathered zinc bust of the god Hermes along with clay pots and zinc sap pots.

Image via Country Living.

In my studio, I keep six zinc sap pots in a wire basket (shown below) to serve as cache pots for my art supplies. On occasion, I clear out the paint tubes and brushes and use the pots for floral arrangements at my al fresco soirees.

My sap pots (left and above) are not antique. They are reproductions. But, as they continue to age, my little pots will take on a richer surface color and texture. I'm guessing if they were left outdoors, the process would be accelerated.

Photo via French Country Living.

Because zinc is lightweight, equally at home inside and outdoors, and beautifully complements today's 'industrial chic' design asthetic, it is a perfect material for the presentation of flowers and plants at home or in the office. Many of the large, antique zinc pots and planters, like those above, were used in the greenhouses of France for repotting trees and shrubs. But, they look equally at home with the decor in the home shown above.

Just remember that this material will rust over time, so you may want to plant in a plastic pot and place it inside of the galvanized tin container, especially considering the price of an authentic antique.

Check out 1st Dibs to purchase originals like the one above.