Saturday, March 12, 2011

Collecting and storing seeds ...

I admit it! I am a seed hoarder collector. If I spy a lovely plant (anywhere) with a mature seed pod, chances are that I will lug it home. At times, I have had a bit of a storage issue using envelopes to house my seeds. An old cigar box can't hold too many large envelopes.

But, I have just finished organizing my current stash collection, and it was super easy. I just made my own seed packets.

(1) I designed and printed a packet template, (2) cut around the edges of the artwork, (3) folded, then, glued the bottom and side flaps, and (4) wrote the plant seed names in the label area.

My handmade seed packets.

I created three designs (shown above) that you can print out if you would like. Just click on any of the thumbnail images below and print.

It's amazing how many seed packets I can now store. I even have room for my plant markers and big Sago Palm seeds.

I adore cigar boxes -- memories from childhood craft projects, I guess (can we say cherished, glued macaroni-adorned, silver-painted jewelry box for Mom). It seems I have a sentimental craft history with these boxes. 

Say what you will, but I love to organize, and I love seeds. So, what could be better than a cigar box to hold lovely handmade seed packets? By the way, these packets make great gifts, too.