Saturday, April 23, 2011

Damask for drama ...

For most of my life, when damask was mentioned, I thought of dreadful, heavy, red, flocked damask wallpaper.

I blame it on the movie, The Unsinkable Molly Brown - showing Molly's grand home with really tragic Victorian decor created from too much money and too little taste.

But, lo and behold, damask has evolved and so have my views on what I once considered a stuffy pattern. Today, damask graces dinnerware and pillows, modern wallpapers and contemporary woven rugs. This is haute stuff!

At left, the silver metallic and turquois damask wallpaper creates a fresh-faced foyer for welcoming guests. Beautiful!

In both of the photos above, black and charcoal damask steals the show. The wow factor is at work in these transitional settings via Fabulous Finishes (left) and Chic Home Couture (right).

Image via Free Bridal Shower Themes.

The damask-patterned focus wall in the bedroom above gets an amazing, stenciled, metallic paint treatment. I love the neutral color scheme that is subtle, yet striking. Public rooms are also great areas to tone down the hues and turn up the drama.


True love is achieved above with the damask walls setting the stage for a modern table and beautifully upholstered chairs. The photo from On Sugar features a brilliant color combo of plums and greens.

Variations from the same color families are used below with dramatically different results. Bold and memorable, wouldn't you say?

Image from My Home Ideas.

Okay, I'll admit damask is so much more than a dowdy dame from yesteryear. I do believe I'm growing fond of the delicious transformation made by this pattern. I could be tempted ...