Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sheen crazy ...

I'm talking about the metallic glam that has created winning looks across the globe. With new, impressive paints, we mere mortals can give our rooms spectacular wall finishes that would impress gods and goddesses alike.

New York designer David Scott presents a gorgeous, high-end focus wall in metallic champagne hue, above.

The sheen in the paint treatment above comes from a 'Frottage' faux finish. The image (via Apartment Therapy) shows how a frottage finish is achieved by swirling on multiple layers of metallic glaze to create a dramatic room statement.


From the front entrance to the water closet, any room can benefit from a bit of glitz. The entry photo (at left) comes via Blossom Interiors. Above, Kansas City Murals shows their industrial viewpoint with metallic silver.

Metallic wallpapers have come along way, too, to achieve the 'look' of the moment. From pearlized backgrounds like the one below via The I Design Box ...

to golden florals stenciled on a light taupe background, sheen is an elegant result of metallic paint treatments perfectly suited to jumping start a room's decor.

Photo above from Lakeside Painting.