Saturday, March 5, 2011

Before & After: Ottoman

Call it an ottoman, footstool, hassock, or tuffet, but it is by any title a pure joy when your footsies need a lift.

I had been looking for an ottoman for quite some time in every consignment shop I visited. Finally, I found the one. It was a $10 bargain in a Frederickburg, Texas thrift store. Sure the upholstery was outdated and covered with cigarette burns, and yes, the framework was wobbly with lots of knicks and scratches on the finish, but it was the size and shape I had in mind.

Hubby happily obliged with taking the ottoman apart and regluing the framework. I restained the finish and dug through my fabric stock to come up with the right upholstery to complement the furnishings in our den. A few nails and some hot glue later, this little thrift store treasure now has a happy home.

Oh, and my feet are happy too!


Krystina said...

Good job on the ottoman and what a find! I will come over & prop my feet on it and then enjoy some of that sausage casserole you suggested. Yum yum!!