Saturday, March 12, 2011

Color it coral ...

The coming of spring has me thinking in 'coral' color schemes. From clothes to cushions, I'm seeing coral everywhere, and loving how this palette works well in every season.

Winter ...

Belgian Pearls shows how a simple coral cloth can bring elegance to a winter table (above).

Above, Donna Karan highlights the play of coral and graphite in her home's color story in the photo (left) from Lini Home. There is a subtle orange rectangle (small) and larger coral rectangle along with gray and black in the focus wall art that is sensational.

Gray or black attire is a winter staple in Paris wardrobes. Here, the addtion of coral is fresh and youthful. Image (above, right) via Le Petit Happy.

Spring ...

When spring arrives, even the celebrities don their favorites in coral.

Eva Longoria and Cameron Diaz are shown above stepping out in the beautiful shade from the sea. I love how coral is equally enchanting in a formal gown or casual dress and looks spectacular with a suntan!

Coral creates a beautiful and breezy spring palatte. It strikes me as a perfect accent in the images above. Photos show the work of designers Tom Scheerer (left) and Massucco Warner Miller (right).

Summer ...

It's time to hit the beach and bring that summer sizzle home.

Colin Cowie must have designed these fabulous dessert plates (above, left) with me in mind! Kiss, kiss delightful and in several shades. I think we'll agree that the flowers in the Traditional Home spread (above, right) add the perfect finishing touch to the table!

Sleeping, summer beauties from The Lennoxx Files (left) and Better Homes and Gardens (right).

Autumn ...

Time to take the vibrancy down a notch and rest.

Image by photographer Jordi Canosa at Casa Daisy in Formentera.

Maybe ...