Saturday, April 9, 2011

Picnic pleasures ...

Ahh ... the first picnic of the season ... just in time to watch Fiesta fireworks and enjoy a warm evening under clear blue Texas skies.

My rescued picnic basket and serving pieces are ready for the rites of spring.

Give me a blanket, a tasty bottle of bubbly, a basket full of finger foods and I'm all set to enjoy the gifts of Mother Nature.

It would seem that our dog, Kahlo is pleased by the prospects of a picnic as well.

This basket is a vintage beauty I picked up last week along with the pottery and glassware shown. I just can't bear disposables when the real things are so much more environmentally friendly. Hubby and I are trying to reduce our carbon footprints at every opportunity.

Even if you're a city dweller, a rooftop picnic can be just as cheerful on a spring day. Elizabeth Anne Designs conquers the ordinary with galvanized tin serving pieces and bright yellow blooms set against a urban skyline in the photo above.


Sharing a toast under a tree-shaded canopy is a sensational way to spend some time in the great outdoors.

Why not create a ethereal picnic setting at dusk like the one at left via Daily Diva Dish. Above right, fine foods are equally at home with champagne on a plaid tablecloth for an impromptu celebration.

No place to lay that blanket? A tailgate picnic can be just as much fun. I wonder if my super hubby might feel the need to own a vintage, red Ford Falcon Ranchero. I would promise to host great picnics just like the one in this charming photo from Sweet Paul Magazine.