Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring organizing ...

It's spring cleaning and organization time boys and girls! I'm ready to store away or put up all of those pesky things I've been accumulating.

In the winter, I don't seem to mind the clutter. But, come spring, I begin my annual ritual of organizing the mess in bins, baskets, benches and boxes of all sorts. It feels so good to shelter the homeless stuff that has been gathering dust around the house and in my studio.

I really like to use old family luggage in a practical way. Above, my grandmother's vintage overnight case stores photo CDs from our travels.

There are so many interesting ways to keep clutter at bay. Here are a few favs that I find helpful.

In my studio, I have to keep some sense of order. Baskets of every shape and size (shown above) are used to hold my paint and craft supplies. But, my favorite bins are the French-inspired, oil cloth totes from The Container Store (shown above left) that hold my paper goods and canvases.

I'm often asked where/how I store all of the dishware and event supplies I accumulate. The answer is milk crates! These plastic crates are great for dishware, glassware, utensils, etc. because everything is protected, easily transporable and stackable. I buy them from The Container Store, too.

Repurpose ...

Whether wall-mounted or converted into a rolling cart, wood crates are great for repurposing into storage solutions. Those shown above are upcycled wine crates from Factory Direct Craft.

Hang it up ...

Staple poultry wire to the back of a picture frame and organize your favorite photos with clips (above left). Or, string a line of twine and attach your memorabilia with clothes pins (above right).

Let it climb ...

Make use of an old ladder to hold clutter. Hang a wooden ladder horizontally to serve as a bookshelf (above via Recyclart). Lean an old ladder against a wall to hold periodicals (photo below left from Real Simple) or hold accessories (image below right via Budget Wise Home).

Manage it with metal ...

Old wire 'swim baskets' add storage with unmistakable cottage charm. These would be so cute in a cottage bath or water-side retreat. Those above are from Wrights Peak Wire Storage and sold from the Sundance catalog.

Just about every vintage shop has a variety of metal 'gym' baskets for sale. These are great for home or office organizing. The images below from Country Living (left) and Cottage Way of Life (right) show how to make the most of these storage solutions.

Sick as it may sound, I really have fun harnessing the clutter. Perhaps I'm delusional from the fever ... spring fever.