Saturday, April 2, 2011

Before & After: Luggage rack

Luggage rack before.
I came across one very dowdy luggage rack on one of my consignment store jaunts and saw a glimmer of potential.

This wooden stand was a homely waif in serious need of a makeover, and I thought it might make a good base for my paint palette and art supplies.

I let it sit in my studio for several months, giving a lot of thought to its highest and best use before finalizing a plan for its metamorphosis.

I wanted a portable table I could use for outdoor photography as well as painting. Oh yeah, I also might want to take it over to our olive grove to serve drinks and snacks al fresco when friends gather there for harvest. Why didn't I see it before? What I wanted was a butler's table.

Darling hubby, who is quite the craftsman, listened to my parade of requirements and built a fabulous table top that is both elegant and rustic. There were no nails used to construct this masterpiece, and he sanded it in such a way that it looks like rough hewn wood planks planed by hand. I'm again impressed with his skills!

I scuffed the wood with a few well-placed knicks and dents, added a sufficient number of 'worm holes' created with an ice pick and picked up a can of mahogony stain to darken both the luggage rack bottom and table top wood to match. I finished the project with a charcoal glaze (painted on, then, wiped off) to give some character to the new piece.

I did keep the original web straps. They have that charming, antique patina that is so endearing.

After the upcycling project, we have a new butler's table.

The transformation is just what I envisioned! I love having a partner who is a willing participant (most of the time) as part of our design/build team. And, now we can both enjoy our custom butler's table.

Now, if we just had a butler to buttle for us!


Krystina said...

Brilliant transformation! The design/build team of the Sibleys is amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Where is it going to live? And why does it make me want to take pictures of it set up in various parks? - kes