Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bigger is better ...

There is no way to discount the impact of large format art. By its sheer size, it takes center stage, and I love what it can do for a room.

Large format art on canvas takes on enormous proportions when mounted from floor to ceiling.

The giant scale of the portrait above (via The Paris Apartment) makes me weak in the knees just looking at the image. If your ceiling height can't handle a 20' canvas, yet you are overcome with desire for unique artwork, check out the 6' - 7' tall originals from Bobo Intriguing Objects, like those below.  


So, how do you recreate the look at home if you can't commission a master artist? Well, when the divide between nobility and serf is too wide, you can purchase a giclee print of an original.


Both of the rooms above benefit from giclee prints on canvas. Images via Elle Decor (left) and Cote Maison (right).

The age of large format digital printing has ushered in new and innovative ways for anyone to create personalized spaces with art. My favorite company, American Color Labs, can take any photo or graphic file and print it on just about any media (including canvas, vinyl and wood) at almost any size.

Have a favorite photo that can enhance the mood in a room? The image above via Brabourne Farm perfectly sets the tone for a romantic bedroom. Let your imagination take your art to a grand scale.